for Salomé Lamas

Identity, editorial, webdesign and package design

Artist and filmmaker Salomé Lamas invited us to design a record-cum-publication for her project Gaia, which departs from a meteorite she acquired on eBay. The object comprises of a box which encases a book and a record. It features correspondence with scientists Jérôme Borme and Alex Bondarchuk; images captured with a scanning electron microscope (SEM); a soundscape designed by Miguel Martins with the contribution of 15 international musicians, texts by Salomé Lamas and João Laia, as well as a web curated out of multiple authors and theorists.

We also designed the webpage and the poster for the release event in May 2022.

“We would all like to end up reconciled with the world, to know what world we live in and consequently what life is.”

Available through Mousse Publishing.
Printing: Maiadouro, Record Industry Spain

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